Warning: I'm planning to retire this copy and my 'maintenance' of phant soonish. From looking in the backend, I don't think anyone else actually uses this so it probably doesn't matter anyway. If you're looking for alternatives, self-hosted prometheus and Grafana is pretty easy and allows for advanced visualisations without having to code them all yourself, as you'd have to do with phant.

a place
to push
your data.

The Internet of Your Things

Phant allows any widget or web service that can create an http request to post data to a centralized. Phant is built with node.js, released as open source, and designed from the start for flexibility and speed. We've built a free service at data.sparkfun.com for you to use. Or you can install phant on your own server.

What types of projects would benefit from this service?

Almost anything. Your weather station in the backyard. A classroom of kids working on science experiments. A community concerned with pollution and crowdsourcing data collection. The weight of your pug's food dish. You get the idea. If your project can send an http request, you can push data out to our servers.

How can I give feedback about this project?

Send us an email: [email protected]


Create a data stream and start pushing to it.


Download the source and run your own private server.


Explore all of the public data streams.


Read the docs to find out all of the nitty gritty.